Create the Perfect Gathering Spot with a Backyard Fire Pit

campfire meal

One of our favorite spots to gather is the backyard fire pit. Settled under large shade oak trees, this spot is peaceful and with all of the shade, much cooler than the rest of the property. We like to roast marshmallows and make smores, and have even cooked dinner over this fire pit! We can sit and stay awhile because the chairs are so comfortable. Adirondack Chairs I want to make memories with our friends and family that last, and this has been a great spot for that already, since moving here six months ago. We didn’t bring the old… Continue reading

Easy Banana Chip Muffins

banana chip muffins

Kid Friendly Muffins This is a wonderful, easy recipe to make when you have leftover ripe bananas.  The kids love these banana chip muffins, and they are SO simple to make.  Chocolate chips make them irresistible!  My son always says, “remember that time you made these muffins for my preschool class and everyone loved them?”  Haha!  From my picky eater, no less! Freezer Friendly I usually keep half of the recipe out for eating over the next few mornings and snacks.  You can freeze the other half by placing the banana chip muffins in a freezer zip bag.  Label with… Continue reading

New Year / New Goals / January Garden

Yay! We made it to 2021! What a crazy year 2020 is, and while I am not naive enough to think that everything is going to instantly be better in 2021, I have HOPE. What are your new goals for 2021? I feel like we’ve all been through an incredible storm (and still are) and we are stronger for it. I pray for our health and safety in this turbulent time, and I pray we keep our focus on Christ. Focus on Christ My biggest mistake several years ago during a “storm” in my life was to take my eyes… Continue reading

How to Unwrap the Greatest Gift at Christmas with your Family

Greatest Gift of His Rest 2020… a year like no other! Back in March, when this whole shutdown started, I distinctly feel God telling me it’s time to rest. I don’t mean rest entirely, but rest in Him, rest in His faithfulness and goodness, His provision and His mercy. It has been quite a year, but He has brought us through until now! 2020 into Focus Christmas is soon upon us. We celebrate Thanksgiving this Thursday, whether with our families physically, virtually, or in spirit, and we need to wrap this year up with a renewed focus on our Creator.… Continue reading

Encouraging Gifts On Sale Now!

Do you know someone who needs a word of encouragement? More likely, do you know anyone who does not? Since March, our lives in the United States (and a little earlier in other countries) have been upended by this virus called Covid 19. Counting back…can you believe it has been six months?! I believe we are all stronger for it. This time has demanded a ton of flexibility, creativity, love for others, and resolve. We realize more than ever the importance of community, even if it is virtual. Now as our kids are getting back into school, whether virtual or… Continue reading

Vera Bradley Face Masks for Back to School

As much as we all want this virus to go away, it isn’t leaving fast enough! As you make plans for back to school and other events, don’t forget to get a few face masks for your family. If your kids are required to wear them daily, you will want to have multiple. I am predicting places will sell out again, so I have bought several Vera Bradley face masks for each of us. We also have more masculine masks on hand for the guys like these masks here. We can make them if we have to (hopefully not, because… Continue reading

5 Tips to Create Your Perfect Master Bath Retreat

Who else loves to stalk Zillow and for home listings? It can’t be just me! For years now, we’ve talked about buying land and having “land and horses.” We were always held back with nothing for sale or reasonably priced in our excellent school district. We loved our house and we loved our neighborhood too, and didn’t want to leave the community. For 2 years of that time, this house on 15 acres that we live in now sat for sale and empty for at least 6 months of that time. It said “well-maintained” but I beg to differ!… Continue reading