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Parenting is not for wimps!  It requires strong love, discipline, and even self-discipline to do the best job, which is more than we can do on our own even on our best days.  We need to power of the Holy Spirit to continuously work in us, to give us the strength, the wisdom, the discipline, and the love to carry out the daily, unending job of parenting.  Mom’s Priority is not a psychological site with researched answers to your toughest parenting challenges; it is intended, however, to point you to the One who can help you with your toughest challenges, and to provide moms with resources and encouragement.

Christian Parenting Books

Here are great books/ studies for Christian parenting.


For first time moms:

For Parenting Toddlers and Preschoolers


For Parenting School-Age Children

Devotionals for Kids

5 Best Kids Devotional Books

Holy Experience Post

Here are some articles/resources to explore parenting topics further:

The Prosperity Gospel and your Kids – The Gospel Coalition

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