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Reading Skills

As testing is going on in many schools around the country, parents and teachers are hoping that their children are well prepared and have acquired the reading skills needed to excel on their tests and be promoted to the next grade.  More than that, though, we want our kids to have a love of reading, so that throughout their lives, they have endless opportunity that is afforded when a person can read, comprehend, and use the information gathered to change their lives.  Good reading skills can certainly be life-changing!

Developing Reading Skills Should be Fun

Too much emphasis is placed on tests and evaluations today when what is needed is a love for reading and the ability to comprehend and use that knowledge for good!  This summer, we are focusing on reading each day with my kids, more than just at bedtime.  It will be good for all of us to enjoy good books this summer!  I was excited to read over this list of books put together by Amazon’s book editors : 100 Children’s Books to read in a lifetime!  There are so many good books that I read as a child, or my children have read.  There are many others that I want us to read, so this is going to be a great guide going into this summer!  Our kids will develop reading skills, but more than that, hopefully they’ll acquire a greater love for people, those who are different from us, those who have emotions, those in different situations, and those who have stories to tell!  Because at the end of the day, we are all living our lives and telling a story.  Books like Are You My Mother by Philip Eastman, Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White, The Borrowers by Mary Norton, and 97 other classics or ones that will be significant and warmly remembered through the rest of our children’s lives.  I want to share this list with our kids and see what they are interested in, or what they remember about these!!

To develop reading skills this summer, we’ll surely be going to the library, but also going online and ordering a few of these classics for our home library.  We’ll also be trying out Kindle Unlimited with a 30 day free trial, so we can read unlimited for free!  Also, our school system has joined Myon.com, so kids can use that online reading source for a variety of titles!  I am so excited for summer to get here, for the pace to slow, and for fun and relaxation!

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