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Online Grocery Shopping

Why Online Grocery Shopping?

Attention, Moms!  An easier way to shop is here, and it’s getting better every day!  If you haven’t tried online grocery shopping, you are missing out.  When our kids were babies, my husband traveled 70% of the time for a season.  [You can insert your own story of why grocery shopping is inconvenient here.]  Grocery shopping in the store is difficult if not planned strategically and all the stars align!  Thank goodness for Publix cookies, stickers, car buggies, and helpful cashiers, right?!  If it is a good day , kid-wise, grocery shopping and pointing out fruit names and saying hi to people is all wonderful and memorable.  But we all know it’s not always like that and sometimes the shopping just has to get done so we have food to eat, paper products, and home supplies etc.

Setting the Stage

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC
Since I began this website, I wished to be able to do all of my shopping online, yet still save money and keep it simple.  Diapers.com and Peapod were around, but you had to buy in bulk at Amazon (still do for some items to get competitive pricing) and Walmart and the grocery stores weren’t selling online to my knowledge.  Just this past summer, Walmart acquired jet.com (owned by diapers.com previous owner) in an effort to compete against Amazon in the online market.  Amazon has been taking away market share in recent years.  It’s exciting to see Walmart try to revolutionize its business by elevating online grocery shopping, especially given the vast footprint it already has in our communities.

Competition is Good

Amazon, especially with Amazon Prime, is so enticing.  The ability to purchase something with a click online and have it show up at your door two days later, well-packaged and protected, without paying a separate shipping fee…this has changed the way we shop!  I make most of our purchases online- it’s too easy not to!  This is especially enticing for moms with young kids.  I have found online shopping at Walmart to be great for home supplies and paper products, but not liquids.  Too many times liquid laundry detergent or dish soap have been busted in boxes when they arrive at my house.  I was close to giving up on Walmart online, but with the infusion of jet.com, mobile pick up at optimized local Walmarts, and same pricing as in stores, I think Walmart is on to something good.

Regardless, competition creates the real winners in all of this- us moms!  It will be simpler and hopefully cost-effective to shop online, which will in turn allow us more time to spend with our families.  Keeping our priorities in this busy world:  This is the goal of Mom’s Priority.  Shop online for groceries at Walmart.com and Amazon.com today and look for more helpful resources to come from Mom’s Priority in the future!

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