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Back to School

The time has come for the kids to go back to school, which means schedules get busy, and healthy eating becomes

Cute clipboard for back to school

Cute clipboard for back to school

more difficult.  Studies show the importance of eating as a family and eating healthy meals, for our physical and mental health!  Mom’s Priority wants to help moms live their lives with purpose, as we raise up the next generation!  This includes healthy eating and getting our kids ready to go back to school with necessary supplies and maybe a few fun supplies too!  (I loved school supplies as a kid…is that just me?!  I still do actually…)


There are so many back to school deals online right now, and some really cute customizable items.  You can find anything from spiral notebooks, iPhone cases, brush, pencil bags, erasers, clipboards, pens, planner, and bookmarks customizable from Zazzle!  and Swoozies !

Back to School Healthy

For family meal ideas, check out Family Meals: The Most Important Thing !  For Freezer Meal Ideas to keep dinner time simple, check out Freezer Meals to Try .  And as moms we love to feel good about the lunches we pack and snacks we let our kids eat, so here are some fresh ideas for you:  Healthy Kids Lunches for Back to School and 8 Healthy Snacks Kids Love.


This Rubbermaid lunch box kit is so perfect for kids’ lunches.  Because the items can be kept completely separate, picky kids don’t have to worry about different foods touching (eww!).  They can pull out one item at a time if they prefer.  You don’t have to use all of the pieces either.  It’s BPA free and washes in the dishwasher well.  (We have several so we know!)  It fits well in a Pottery Barn lunch box, and all of these pieces hold up well for several years.

Rubbermaid lunch box kit for kids

School Supplies

Don’t forget basic school supplies and clothing so our kids get off to a great year!  Amazon Prime is awesome with 2-day delivery for those last minute items, and Walmart is also offering that now too.


Emerson Paisley backpack navy and teal back to school

Emerson Paisley backpack



Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

Custom post-it Notes for School Notes

Custom Post-its for School Notes


School Clothes

If you have young children, enjoy every minute of choosing their clothes for them!  Because, all too soon, the time comes and your sweet children want to choose on their own!  I used to buy far in advance when I saw a good sale, and would put it away for the appropriate season.  There is no use in doing that anymore because the kids will fight me on anything that is not their idea. So, now my solution many times is online shopping with their review of the cart before I check out!  If that is you too, check our Deals page regularly for sales on kids clothing.

Fun Back to School Items

Buying school supplies is always a fun way to get inspired for back to school, so we’re showing you some of the hottest items right now!

Water Bottles

These water bottles are great for camp, sports, and exercising in the heat;  your child may also like one for school!

This O2Cool Arctic Squeeze 20 oz Mist n sip Water Bottle 20 oz is so fun because it doesn’t leak, keeps water cold, and allows your child to stay cool with its mist function.  Our children love theirs, and so far, we have not had any problems keeping it clean.

The Camelbak Kids eddy Kids .4L Water Bottle is a great option for young kids.  BPA free and dishwasher safe, this Camelbak water bottle features tons of design options, and is perfect for smaller kids’ lunch boxes.

The Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle 24 oz is an affordable option and with tons of designs, is so cute and eco-friendly!

The S’well Stainless steel water bottle is perfect for moms staying hydrated on the go!  The bottle doesn’t sweat, so it’s perfect for in your purse as you take your kids from lessons to school to games.

The Corkcicle Tumbler Collection also offers a ton of color options for moms on the go!  Stainless steel and perfect for traveling around, this 16 oz mug will keep you hydrated as you run around.

This Coral Acrylic Tumbler with Straw from Lilly Pulitzer is perfect to keep at your desk.

Lilly Pulitzer tumbler

Adorable Stationery Items

school supplies

monogrammed pencil  case ~ Swoozies


school supplies

Dry erase clipboard

monogrammed note cards

monogrammed note cards



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