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Live Your Calling

Live your calling:  What does this mean?  In an article I read recently, the author mentions being in her “sweet spot.” She says “let us revel in who God has made us to be!” I love this. I don’t fit the mold, and I’ve tried to figure out how to be authentic with who I am with this website that I believe God is calling me to do. I have wrestled with parts of it, because I don’t want to minimize Christianity by including finding bargains, because that could be perceived as materialism. And I don’t want to leave out the devotions and verses either because I believe that brings Glory to the one who deserves it all! As I procrastinate and lead myself to believe that this site is not ready or polished enough, I am missing out on sharing my heart and passion for God and for living a lifestyle that honors God, with our money, time, love and gifts. So, I’m going to go there- live in my sweet spot. Share the things that make me tick, like saving money- I’m passionate about that! My career before kids was negotiating contracts and finding ways for a big company to save money. I loved that! And now we serve in our church and I realize the needs women have for resources about raising a family, loving in marriage, and being the women of God we are created to be! I’ve learned so much in our leadership roles and in being a mom! And using photography, web design, analytics, and all of these other things that intrigue me and keep me learning…this website is such an outlet for that.
So, it’s time to stop hiding and just put it out there. It’s time to Live My Calling. And you should too!!

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