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Low Natural Gas Rates Can Help You Save Money ~ Mom’s Priority

Hey moms!  Now is a great time to lock in your natural gas rate with a 6 or 12 month fixed rate!  When you don’t lock in your gas rate, you subject yourself to the variable rate.  This variable rate is often double the rate you could be receiving.  Currently, low natural gas rates can be found as low as $.42 per therm.  If you are in a de-regulated market, such as Georgia, you have multiple gas marketers to choose from, with varying natural gas rates and programs.  These should be listed on a government-sponsored site from the local Public Service Commission.  If you are under contract with a marketer, you may have a penalty to switch; therefore, you would need to evaluate your options.  In states that are not de-regulated, you should go to the utility’s website to see natural gas rate options and decide if you are better off with a fixed or variable rate plan.

Georgia Natural Gas Rates

Save Money with Low Natural gas rates

Save Money with Low Natural Gas Rates

Currently, SCANA Energy is offering military savings of 3 cents off per therm, and Georgia Natural Gas is offering a natural gas rate of $.42/therm if you lock in for 12 months .  These are great deals that are available at time of this posting; however, check their websites for accurate and complete information.

For rates in Georgia, check here.   

Moms Saving Money

Moms, by making a simple phone call to your natural gas marketer each year, you can cut your natural gas bill in half for a year!  The money you save can help your family better meet your goals.  I encourage you to compare the rates on the PSC website above, then call your marketer.  You may not even have to switch by simply asking for the lowest competitor’s rate.  It’s up to you, but it’s just another way that Mom’s Priority is trying to help you live out your priorities.

For more ways to save on your utility bills, check out  Time To Negotiate.  The entire Money Matters series is helpful information for many ways to save money so you can live out your priorities.  Especially check out the Deals page and check back frequently for links to great deals.

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