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Christmas Giving with Kids

Tis the Season…for giving, and sharing the Love of Christmas with others. Your kids are never too young to start- it’s up to you to teach them to look out for others. I put together this list because even though we do some of these things,  I want our family to be more intentional at Christmas-time, and throughout the year.  Looking for needs, meeting them, and showing appreciation: these are habits I want to have and instill in our kids.  Here are 33 Ways Kids can Give this Christmas (without much money spent!):

Christmas Giving for Kids

Christmas Giving for Kids

Christmas Giving for Kids

1. Give a warm blanket to the homeless
2. Leave a thank you note and small gift card for the mail carrier
3. Thank your bus driver with a note, gift card, and big hug!
4. Sing and play Christmas carols at the local assisted living center
5. Pack a shoe box for Operation Christmas child
6. Invite someone who may be sad or lonely this Christmas to church
7. Smile – you never know the burden someone may be carrying
8. Donate pet supplies to the local animal shelter
9. Call your grandmother or someone you love and tell them you love them
10. Send Christmas cards in the mail to your friends and family
11. Bake goodies for your Sunday School teachers and take them wrapped with a smile
12. Write Christmas cards to the shut-ins at your church
13. Mail Christmas cards to soldiers serving overseas

More Ideas

33 Ways ~ Christmas Giving for Kids

33 Ways ~ Christmas Giving for Kids

14. Invite another young family over and send the parents out on a date without kids
15. Help a family member clean their house
16. Help an older family member put up their tree and decorations
17. Buy Christmas toys and gifts for those who otherwise would not receive gifts this Christmas
18. Pull your neighbor’s trash can in
19. Adopt a family in need
20. Serve at your local food pantry
21. Donate outgrown coats, gloves, and hats to your local emergency shelter
22. Donate canned goods to the food pantry
23. Take goodies and a Christmas card to your school custodians

Simple Gestures make a lasting impact on the giver and the receiver

24. Make and give coupons for your services to family members and loved ones, like raking the leaves, sweeping, organizing the pantry
25. Take hot chocolate or coffee to someone working outside in the cold
26. Bake goodies for your local librarian
27. Clean out your toys that you no longer play with and donate them to your preschool, church, doctor’s office
28. Offer to wrap gifts for a family member
29. Keep a “Caring Can” with extra change in it so you can give when your heart leads you to. Let your grandparents and relatives know you have it so they can donate their change to your efforts
30. Buy lunch for the car behind you in the drive-thru
31. Have candy canes ready to give away to cashiers, receptionists, etc. Hand it to them and say “Merry Christmas!”
32. Hold the door for the person behind you. When they say thank you, you say “you’re welcome”
33. Bake goodies for your neighbors

And “when you give…do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret.”  – Matthew 6:3 

A great lesson to teach our kids! 

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