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Walmart Online Grocery Shopping and Drive Through Pick Up

Online Grocery Shopping

Online Grocery Shopping

Steps to Ordering Online from Walmart

Here are the steps to the new Walmart online grocery shopping:

  1. Order online at Walmart.com . You will find the same prices, but availability varies from stores and online.
  2. At any time while you are building your “cart” on Walmart’s site, schedule your same day or scheduled pick up at a participating Walmart store.
  3. Arrive at Walmart’s grocery pickup location at your scheduled time.  Park in a designated spot for grocery pickup.
  4. Wait for your groceries to arrive at your car!  Meanwhile, your order is assembled by “pickers” and is ready when you arrive.

Free Service

It is really that easy!  No more fussy toddler in the cart or trying to navigate the aisles with a child who wants to stop and put everything in the cart.  The best part is that it is FREE!!  The prices online are, so far, the same as in store prices, and you do not pay anything extra for this service.

This is Just the Beginning!

There are other options for online grocery shopping as well!  Mom’s Priority will keep you informed as more opportunities for online shopping become available and affordable!!  Read about online grocery shopping updates here!    To find out if you have a Walmart in your area that has been converted to a Walmart Online Grocery store, you can check here.
Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC


Walmart Pickup Discount

In the market for a big item, like a TV?  Make sure you add Walmart.com into your comparisons.  Walmart is currently discounting items customers can purchase on the website.  The catch?  Have the item sent to a Walmart store for pickup.  Apparently, according to a Fox Business article, the discount is larger for bigger items, since they cost more to ship.  In particular, Walmart aims to reduce the costs associated with the last leg of delivery, to customer’s homes.  By offering Walmart pickup discount, you get the online selection you need to find the perfect TV, for example, and the discount is available when you pick up in store.


Walmart vs Amazon

It seems that Walmart is setting up a battle with Amazon for market share in a ton of consumer spending categories, including housewares and grocery.  Walmart’s website has notably improved in speed and convenience, but is still not near the one-click simplicity that is available on Amazon.  That being said, Walmart’s options and prices, especially when you consider ship to store discounts, are better and lower.  With the Walmart Pickup Discount, they are testing the theory of physical stores adding value to this online competition. As we read more from this Washington Post article and others, it will be interesting to see how the market changes.

How Mom’s Priority is Helping Moms

In the meantime, look to Mom’s Priority to provide you with solutions that help simplify your life and save you money, so you can live your priorities.  Moms hold incredible purchasing power that will become more obvious as shopping online continues to grow.  Shop through Mom’s Priority’s online shopping platform, write reviews for other moms, compare products, and have products shipped by online grocery stores like Walmart and Amazon.  Let us know how we can help you save money and live your priorities by commenting on Facebook or here!


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