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Purposeful Online Shopping

The purpose of Mom’s Priority is to help moms keep their priorities by providing money and time-saving tips, community, and encouragement.  We want to encourage moms to keep their priorities and live with purpose.  Being a mom is never easy and we all struggle with different things, depending on the day and season of motherhood.

Additionally, Mom’s Priority meets a practical need of moms with purposeful and organized online shopping.  As we make purchases, we impact the world.  Mom’s Priority provides a comparison shopping platform across multiple retailers and attributes.  Because millennial moms care, Mom’s Priority provides a way to shop based on organic, fair trade, sustainable, price, gluten-free, and other product attributes.  Moms today care about their kids’ health, the environment, and women across the world.  This is evident in the rise of products like fair trade and organic, as mentioned above.

Purchasing Power of Moms

The purchasing power of U.S. moms is so significant, and our “voice” can be heard as we choose products that are “priorities” for our family.  Did you know that moms decide 87% of all household purchases?  Mom’s Priority seeks to serve other moms by providing solutions for busy moms, just as we are ourselves.

About Kristina BrownKristina Brown Moms Priority Purpose

Kristina Brown is the founder of Mom’s Priority.  She created Mom’s Priority to provide a place for community, encouragement, and purchasing insight to moms.  Kristina has been a “stay at home mom” for 10 years and has previous and current varied experience with marketing, supply chain, six sigma, and women’s ministry leadership.  She has an amazing husband, two fun children, an analytical mind, and a heart for others.  Please feel free to contact her at [email protected].


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