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Fall in Love with these Nature-Inspired Crafts

Decorate your Thanksgiving table and enjoy time with your children by making these easy and elegant Turkey Pinecone Placecard Holders!

Easy thanksgiving craft for kids

Fall craft for kids from Mom’s Priority

Here are the materials you will need:
Pinecones- one for every person
Cardstock or scrapbook paper in traditional fall colors or whatever colors match your fall table linens
Googly eyes
Tacky glue
Spray paint optional
Spend time in the yard or at a park collecting pinecones with your child. I spray-painted mine a shiny walnut brown to give them a clean look for the table. Make a leaf pattern with a piece of cardstock and trace that onto your cardstock pieces, making enough for 5 leaves (or feathers) per pinecone. The pinecone naturally holds these well so just place them towards the bottom of the pinecone (with the pinecone on its side). Add googly eyes and a small triangle for the beak with tacky glue, holding them in place for a few minutes. Ask your child what they are thankful for and write that on their leaves or feathers . You can also add a placecard in the middle of the pinecone to serve as a placecard holder. That’s it! Make one for every person at your thanksgiving table. So easy, you get a nice decoration for your table and it is conversation starter for learning to be thankful!

Bring the outdoors in with this Acorn Frame
Here are the materials you will need:
Inexpensive wood frame ($1 at the craft store)
Semi-transparent brown spray paint
Tacky glue

Collect acorns from the yard or park with your children, teaching them to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors. Rinse off and remove the tops. Glue the tops around the frame with tacky glue (I put glue on a plate for my children to dip the acorns into- it’s not extremely messy that way)Once they are dry, add a raffia bow and raffia along the edges of the frame.

Decorate with Nature
Using pinecones spray-painted or natural, acorns, apples, mini pumpkins etc, you can decorate your home for fall by just rinsing these items off and putting them in a vase, bowl or cornucopia for display. I especially like the square vases for small items like acorns. You can print a quote onto vellum paper and insert into a side of the vase and have the acorns in the background- very elegant, not expensive, and easy to change for the seasons!

Decorating with Pumpkins
You can now find pumpkins or goards in multiple colors- they are beautiful by themselves or you can carve them easily with the help of a stencil.
For monograms, check out these stencils. Simply change the letter, print out, tape to your pumpkin, being sure to center it on the pumpkin. Then outline your pattern by poking through the paper with a straight pin until your entire pattern is revealed on the pumpkin. Then, follow through with carving the pumpkin. I would clean up the pumpkin and clean out the insides before beginning with the pattern.
For other designs, just google whatever design you are looking for with either “image” or “pumpkin stencil” following the design name. For example, “Tinkerbell pumpkin stencil. ” You can even print a very simple picture you have or use a coloring book picture. There are so many possibilities! You can do traditional Halloween images like jackolanterns and cats or you can go Disney themed, or flowers and trees, etc.

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