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The Four-Drachma Coin

We read all over the Bible and are told by well-meaning Christians that God will supply our needs, and many times, it’s easy to shrug it off and dismiss it.  We have found it to be true, and this short story about the “four drachma coin” is such a great example.

In Mathew 17:27 , Jesus gives his disciple Peter an example to live by.  He says, “Go to the lake and throw out your line.  Take the first fish you catch, open its mouth and you will find a four-drachma coin.  Take it and give it to them for my tax and yours.”

four drachma coin Mom's Priority

four drachma coin Mom’s Priority

What gets me is that Jesus knew the need, just like He knows our needs.  He also knew He needed to be a good example by paying the tax.  Most importantly, though, what gets me is that ultimately, everything we have comes from God’s supply.  The coin that Peter found in the fish’s mouth was just enough to pay the tax for Peter and Jesus.  And Jesus knew it was there.  Maybe He just wanted Peter to be involved in the  process.  Possibly, Jesus just wants us to ask Him so He can supply what HE has already put in place for you to receive.  And when He does, we give God all the credit and glory for entrusting us with His supply, so we can be a part of His work here on earth!

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