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Teacher Appreciation Week May 1-5

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up the first week in May!  This always sneaks up but we can’t forget the amazing teachers!  At our schools, oftentimes the whole class will go into together and give the teacher small gifts for every day.  A few examples would be

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

  • Fresh flowers from your yard, in a mason jar that says “thank you for helping us bloom!”
  • Apples for the teacher!
  • A beach bag filled with simple summer items like chapstick, a magazine, lemonade mix, flip flops.  Different children bring in the various items and fill the bag.
  • A simple card signed by the class

Gifts for teachers vary from simple to elaborate homemade to simply purchased, but the most important thing is letting teachers know they are appreciated.  Check out Mom’s Priority’s Pinterest board for a variety of ideas, and thank those teachers!!

For the purchased route, gift cards are always appreciated, and Amazon gift cards are good for most anything!

For the semi-homemade route, go to Tagxedo and make a word cloud with your teacher’s name, the grade and any other words that fit your theme.  Put it in a simple frame and hang with ribbon!

Our teachers pour so much into our children all year long, and it is a gift to be able to show them how much we appreciate all they do!

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