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Best Prices for Online Grocery? You May Be Surprised!

When we think of helping moms simplify so they can live their priorities, grocery solutions come to mind.  Moms, and often, dads, spend a significant amount of time gathering food for their families.  Not just at one store either!  So who has the best prices for online grocery?  We’ve compared prices at five different online grocery retailers, and you may be surprised at who comes in the overall lowest in price.

Online Grocery Stores

Publix with Instacart

With Instacart Straight To Your Doorstep, you can order your groceries online and have groceries delivered to your door by Instacart employees.  The delivery cost is $5.99 per delivery or $99 currently (regularly $149) per year for unlimited deliveries.  Publix does state that their prices are higher than in store to cover the cost of personal shopping.  Instacart offers same-day delivery, often within an hour or two of your online order being placed.  Additional fees may apply or one-hour deliveries or deliveries under $35.


Kroger Clicklist

With Kroger Clicklist, you order online and make a one-hour reservation to pick up.  Once you order and when it is time, you go to the  Kroger Clicklist drive through to pick up.  You can select the closest participating store during the reservation time request.  Clicklist orders accept credit or debit cards only via the only system.  Clicklist fees vary by region but are generally around $4.95, and may be waived, as Kroger competes with the competition.

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

Walmart Grocery

To use Walmart Grocery, no membership fee is required.   You create a free account which tracks your orders.  Then, you place your order online and at any time during that order, you create a reservation to pick up your groceries at a participating store.  You can also order online at Walmart.com and place an order for free 2-day delivery, with a $35 purchase.  Less than $35 order incurs a $5.99 delivery fee.


For the purposes of this comparison, we used the lowest price Amazon Choice items when possible among Prime Pantry items.  Prime Pantry offers free shipping for Prime members with five qualifying Pantry items.  Amazon Prime is $99 per year.  Amazon recently began accepting WIC and SNAP as a payment method.

Amazon Fresh delivery is available for Fresh members (additional $14.99 per month) with $40 order; less than that also incur a $9.99 delivery fee.  Recently launching several brick and mortar convenience stores and in the process of buying Whole Foods, Amazon is making a big entrance into the grocery market.  Delivery service is available to Prime members only, currently serving urban markets including big cities in California, Seattle, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, and others.  To be a fair comparison, we looked at Amazon Prime Pantry, which can be delivered to rural or suburban areas also.

Sam’s Club Pick-Up

With Sam’s Club, you can order online and choose In Club Pickup.  A membership to Sam’s Club is required, which is $45 per year.  Items are typically available within a day.  Typically, the items are sold in larger, bulk quantities.

Online Grocery Comparison

In this online grocery comparison, we use equivalent sizes and brands whenever possible, but deals available on store brands, BOGO’s, etc change from week to week.  This is especially true for Kroger and Publix, as they adjust prices weekly.  Sam’s Club often only sells larger sized items. But the surprising news is Amazon can often be much more expensive on certain items!  Amazon adjusts their pricing very frequently, so watching for changing prices is important.  While Kroger and Publix often have great prices on their BOGO’s and Mega-Event weekly sales, and Amazon is often touted for being the leader in online shopping period, Sam’s Club came in with the lowest prices overall in every category we tested:  Baking items, snacks, canned goods/bottles/pasta, and household supplies, with some of this undoubtedly due to quantity sizes.  Even so, it is an interesting comparison in the rapidly changing online grocery market.

Check it out for yourself below!

Moms Priority Online Grocery Comparison

If you have not tried online grocery shopping yet, you really need to try for yourself!  For moms, it can simplify your life and save you money in many ways!  Here are a few resources available on Mom’s Priority to help you live your priorities!

Why Online Grocery Shopping

Mom’s Priorities are Healthy Food

Steps for Walmart Pickup

Shop 30,000 + items through Mom’s Priority’s online shopping platform


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