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5 Best Kids’ Devotional Book for Easter

kids' devotional book

Kids’ Devotional Book

Easter is coming soon, and a kids’ devotional book in my mind is such a precious gift to give your children!  When you give children a book like this, they the opportunity to read it on their own time or at a scheduled time, such as in the morning before school or at bedtime.  We use these kids devotional books as a family during our weekly family devotion time.  The Bible stories are clear and concise, written in a way for children to grasp the true meaning behind the story.  Sometimes the Bible stories are sequential, like how they appear in the Bible; other times, they are arranged by topic.

“In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice…” – Psalm 5:3

We have used a couple of different kids devotional books, though, that we have truly loved.

5 Best Kids Devotionals

Jesus Calling for Kids


Mighty Warrior Devotional Bible

Jesus Storybook Bible

Now, as they are growing up a little, I need to find new age-appropriate devotionals for them that are on their way! And we plan to give them these at Easter and get back in the habit again.

Grace for the Moment for Kids

I am Loved

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