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8 Healthy Snacks Kids Love

As we start back to school, it’s like we press the reset button on our habits. With a new school year, we feel like we have a new chance to help our kids eat better and take better care of their bodies (parents’ too!) Eating healthy, and particularly eating healthy snacks, is something we try to do and teach our kids!  Unfortunately and fortunately, kids’ habits are impressed upon them by their friends and peers.  I’ve seen it both good and bad for ours!  Our kids are picky eaters, so seeing their friends try new foods helps our cause some days!  On other days, our kids only seem to want junk food.  It’s a battle we constantly have to fight, as we raise up our children to become healthy and make good choices.

So, what can we, as parents, do?  Among many things, we can definitely offer healthy snacks.  Pre-cut and washed fruits and vegetables in set serving sizes helps.  The bottom drawer in the fridge is for kids’ stuff and individual serving items, like apple sauce, washed grapes, gogurt (lots of sugar, and we need to work on that), hummus, etc.  When kids eat healthier options, like an apple and Nutella or peanut butter, they are less likely to crave and ask for the chips and other junk foods.  Here are 8 healthy snacks that will fill up even your pickiest eaters.

8 Healthy Snacks Kids Love

  1. Smoothies – Our kids love the texture of smoothies!  Add anything to strawberries and bananas!  This is by far our favorite recipe

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  1. Energy Bites- We love this recipe with peanut butter, flax seeds, chocolate chips, and oatmeal.

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  1. Frozen popsicles
  2. Homemade potato chips
  3. Apples and Nutella
  4. Homemade Trail Mix
  5. Carrots, crackers, and hummus or tzatziki dip
  6. Fruit dipped in creamy fruit dip

Convenience is key for successful (not overboard) snacking.  So, try to keep these healthier options easily available.  This especially means having healthy snacks available in the car for afternoon lessons, practices, etc.  There’s nothing worse than a hangry child except a hangry mom, so keep healthy snacks in the car.  We usually keep a small cooler in the back of the SUV for this purpose.

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