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The Great Encourager

I have been told that I am an encourager. I probably see this unmet need in others because I myself need a ton of encouragement to keep moving forward.  We can find that encouragement in friends, in our spouses, but more than anywhere else, in Jesus Christ.  Because He knows just what we’re going through, and He knows just what we need at that moment to continue on the path.  Just as I have, you also can have the Great Encourager speak to you and give you courage, to face your dreams, your fears, and your next steps.  I know for me, the verses, “I tell you, Look at the fields!  They are ripe for harvest!” (John 4:35) and “Cast your bread upon the waters” (Eccl 11:1) and “Whatever you do, work at it with all your might” speak to me especially right now as I’m venturing out on the waters of the unknown.  No person can know exactly what to tell this complicated person that I am, only my Maker can speak perfectly to me.

Jesus speaks powerful words to me each day as I spend time with him through reading the Bible, praying constantly, and making decisions based upon obedience to His truths. If you are confused, or unsure, or looking for the right path, for today or for the future, I encourage you to spend time with Jesus.  He wants you to seek Him more than anything, and you will find satisfaction and peace when you come to Him.

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