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Pure Joy from a Halloween Costume

My son’s Halloween costume came in the mail today from Walmart.com, and you would have thought he had gone to heaven!!  He declared weeks ago what he wanted to be for Halloween, so I finally went online and ordered it for $15 with free shipping (once you spend $50) from Walmart.com.

Pretend World

When it arrived in a huge box today, among toilet paper and other items, we immediately opened its packaging and slipped it on over his clothes.  Once he got the costume on, he was just so happy, and would not take it off!  I left him alone, as he relaxed on the couch after school.  As I would walk by, I could tell he was just in his own little pretend world as his favorite hero, and he just seemed so content!  When it was time to get ready to go to our after school activity, he just kept going on and on about how comfortable this Halloween costume was, with the foam muscle arms built in and comfortable material.

Quality on a Budget

I honestly did not know how well-made this Halloween costume would be, but for $15 and to be able to check this item off the list and get the costume he wanted easily with no hassle, I went for it!  Honestly, I am impressed with the quality and value- a full length costume with a mask and another accessory- for $15.  More so, I just loved how he changed into this hero of his in his little pretend world, and everything was right in the world.  Such joy to be a child!  And just like that, we are ready for Halloween!

Inexpensive Costumes

Make it easy on your time and inexpensive on your wallet, and check out Walmart.com!  Find Shockingly Low Prices on Halloween Costumes, Decor and Treats at Walmart.com!

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