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Banish Summer Boredom

It’s the middle of the summer now, and it seems no matter how busy we are, inevitably I will occasionally hear, “I’m bored!” In

Banish Summer Boredom with these ideas from Mom's Priority
Banish Summer Boredom with these ideas from Mom’s Priority


case you have heard these words before too, check out Mom’s Priority’s pinterest page for ideas.

When the kids were Preschool age, the best sanity-keeping idea I had was to have the kids decorate large popsicle sticks and then I numbered them and listed an activity on them that matched up with some project/activity/craft around the house that was pre-packaged and ready to do.  This gave me something to direct them to if they ever said, “I’m bored” or “what can I do”?  Having the whole project kit ready to go made it easier as well, eliminating the frustration of trying to find the items for a certain project!

As the kids have grown, now no one wants to paint popsicle sticks, and I just have a list.  If they get bored, I say, Check the list for ideas!  Truthfully, at this age, we stay so busy that boredom doesn’t happen often!  But, it is nice to have options and ideas, because there are so many things we want to do in summer!

For more ideas, check out Mom’s Priority’s pinterest page.

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