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Birthday Books

Something I have done for our kids since they were born is to make them birthday books after each birthday, to look back over the past year and record milestones, favorites, and special events.  Because we don’t regularly print pictures, unless we are using them in a frame or for a special project, all these pictures that we take are not going anywhere other than on a screen!  I make these books so we can look back and see how much he grew in the past year, what he was interested in, and even special stories that impact his life.  Because the years pass by so quickly, I don’t want us to miss it.  They are also my way of “holding on” to special artwork and writings.  I take a picture of the artwork and include it either as a background  or a photo.  Then, for most I discreetly discard the original.  The artwork goes along great with the story I am trying to tell of their lives!

So I make these books, and my go to software and development company has always been MyPublisher.  I have made many books using their program, and have been very pleased with the quality of the books and the ability to customize completely.  They all match and their name and birthday date are on the books’ spines.  You can create custom, or use the quicker method which automatically arranges the photos for you.  I love these birthday books!


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