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New Year / New Goals / January Garden

Yay! We made it to 2021! What a crazy year 2020 is, and while I am not naive enough to think that everything is going to instantly be better in 2021, I have HOPE. What are your new goals for 2021? I feel like we’ve all been through an incredible storm (and still are) and we are stronger for it. I pray for our health and safety in this turbulent time, and I pray we keep our focus on Christ.

Focus on Christ

My biggest mistake several years ago during a “storm” in my life was to take my eyes off of Christ and onto the waves around me. Christ is and will always be our anchor and our hope. Don’t be like me or like Peter in Matthew 14:22-33. Whenever we take our eyes off of him and onto the storm, we lose our focus and fall.

Time in the Garden

This year, I have many goals, and one thing that helps me to focus on Him is time in the garden. While most of my quiet times are indoors this time of year, getting outside on a sunny day and weeding or even planting new seeds is so good for my soul. It gives me a chance to spend time with God, my first priority, and helps me prioritize all of the other things competing for time.

January Garden

Our garden in January is not full; some of the beds are resting, but I love to always have something growing. We always need to keep things growing, even as change is happening around us that we can’t always control. Right now, its just lettuce, collard greens, broccoli (I was excited that those seeds grew into real broccoli stalks!), sugar snap peas, snapdragons, and a bunch of herbs that I keep year round like lavender, rosemary, mint, oregano, parsley, and chives. It’s low maintenance and keeps me out there just long enough to get some Vitamin D and focus for my priority goals.

Grow Your Own Garden

Want to try growing your own herb garden? Here is an easy and charming herb garden kit from Etsy you can try to build your own garden in your windowsill or patio!

New Goal: Grow a Garden?

So, if you want to grow a great garden, it starts with great soil. This will get you started!

2021 is going to be a great year! What are your goals, concerns, prayer needs? I’d love to hear from you. Please reach out via email at [email protected]. May God bless you in 2021!

Create the Perfect Gathering Spot with a Backyard Fire Pit

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backyard fire pit

One of our favorite spots to gather is the backyard fire pit. Settled under large shade oak trees, this spot is peaceful and with all of the shade, much cooler than the rest of the property. We like to roast marshmallows and make smores, and have even cooked dinner over this fire pit! We can sit and stay awhile because the chairs are so comfortable.

Adirondack Chairs

I want to make memories with our friends and family that last, and this has been a great spot for that already, since moving here six months ago. We didn’t bring the old Adirondack chairs from our other house because even though they were teak, they were really worn and we wanted to get a new set. The previous chairs, though, lasted for a good 15 years! They were made of long-lasting teak wood, and they will still probably last for more years. I found the new Adirondack chairs at the same place- Sam’s club- for an amazing price- less than $150 each. I am hoping we get as much use out of these as the previous couple of chairs.

Adirondack chair for backyard fire pit

These Adirondack chairs are also made of teak wood and are incredibly comfortable. We’re not tiny people, but we fit in them well and they are a relaxing spot to rest. They are not too difficult to assemble- my 10 year old son with the help of my husband put them together in little time! I am so in love with them! We’ve moved them to the lawn when we’ve had people over and they look great.

Campfire Meals

Lodge cast iron skillet

At the beginning of the quarantine, our son cooked this amazing one-skillet meal on the fire pit. We need to make it more of a habit because the flavor from the smoked wood chips was amazing. The cast iron skillet worked out perfectly, and I loved it because I didn’t have to cook! Find more campfire recipes on Mom’s Priority Pinterest board here!

Backyard Fire Pit String Lights

string lights over backyard fire pit

Our fire pit is not neatly manicured, but so peaceful. We love light strands over the fire pit and in the backyard in general! They add an ambience to the yard that makes you want to hang around. Some of my favorites are found here.

A full moon winter night
Adirondack chair

The Adirondack chairs for your reference were purchased online from Sam’s Club. If you have a premium membership, you do not have to pay shipping for any orders, which came in handy for these chairs as well as other nonperishable food and toiletry items during this time. These chairs are such a bargain compared to other places I’ve shopped! We are loving this fire pit and these Adirondack chairs and hope we get 15 years out of these at least like we did our last pair of chairs! For other projects we are working in, check out Mom’s Priority.