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9 Must-Haves for Farmhouse Decor

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Farmhouse Decor is relaxed, inviting, and inexpensive to achieve.  While it started out as a style only seen in rustic, rural farmhouses, the style has evolved to be achievable for anyone.  If you are looking to make small updates to your home, farmhouse decor items are fun and easy to include in your rooms.  Here are 9 must-haves for farmhouse décor.

9 Must haves for farmhouse decor

  1. Inspirational quotes on simple signs

Make your home feel warm and inviting with simple reminders.  This sign from Walmart is perfect for farmhouse décor.love grows best in houses like this

2.  Monogrammed family name signs

Etsy has a great selection of homemade and custom signs for custom farmhouse décor.

family name sign  Custom Wood Monogram Etsy

3.  Casual throw pillows

These throw pillow covers were super inexpensive and an easy way to change out décor for the seasons.  If you have the pillow inserts already, you can order this 4-pack on Amazon for cheap and have a new farmhouse look in several days.

                                                         farmhouse decor pillow

4.  Wooden ladder

We were fortunate to have my son and dad build a ladder just like this one for our basement farmhouse bathroom, but you can buy this one on Amazon.  Hang towels or blankets over the rungs to make it useful for your space.


5.  Galvanized olive bucket

I just love this olive bucket set It is so versatile and farmhouse style.

olive bucket set

6.  Your family initial

Anything galvanized is perfect for farmhouse décor, and this letter would go great on a collage wall.

galvanized letter

7.  Natural boxwood wreath or magnolia wreath

Natural wreaths are a great way to bring the outdoors in without the mess.  This particular one is made from preserved boxwood, so it needs to be misted every couple of weeks with water to stay looking fresh.  We have this one and it is holding up beautifully.

8.  Buffalo check napkins and tea towels

Buffalo check is so farmhouse chic, and I love the casual style, especially for Spring.

                                                     farmhouse decor buffalo check

9.  Farmhouse Décor Tobacco basket

Perfect for a mantle, hung on the wall, or set on the coffee table, this tobacco basket is definitely farmhouse style.

Tobacco basket farmhouse decor                                                    farmhouse decor tobacco basket hobby lobby

Farmhouse décor is about living simply, and more than anything, being grateful for what you have every day.  Make your space beautiful with your own touch.  Add some of these or none at all, but just enjoy your home and time with family.  For special offers from the retailers mentioned above and others, check out our deals page.

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