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Who has the Lowest Prices in Online Grocery??

When we think of helping moms simplify so they can live their priorities, grocery solutions come to mind.  Moms, and often, dads, spend a significant amount of time gathering food for their families.  Not just at one store either!  So who has the lowest prices in online grocery?  We’ve compared prices at five different online grocery retailers, and you may be surprised at who comes in the overall lowest in price.

Online Grocery Price Comparison

Publix with Instacart

With Instacart, you can order your groceries online and have groceries delivered to your door by Instacart employees.  The delivery cost is $5.99 per delivery or $99 currently (regularly $149) per year for unlimited deliveries.  Publix does state that their prices are higher than in store to cover the cost of personal shopping.  Instacart offers same-day delivery, often within an hour or two of your online order being placed.  Additional fees may apply or one-hour deliveries or deliveries under $35.

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