Macys Black Friday Deals Available Now!

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This year, it pays to shop early!  Macys Black Friday deals start today and include over 500 items including:
Macys Black Friday Deals

Macys Deals Online

  • 60% off family pajamas
  • 40% off women’s boots and shoes
  • $19.99 men’s shirts and ties
  • $19.99 women’s duck shoes
  • $49.99 5 piece luggage set
  • $9.99 men’s gifts
  • $29.99 900 thread count sheets

And many more deals available online.  Free shipping is offered with a $49 purchase.  Click here to see all of the Macys Black Friday deals on

Macys Customer Service

My experience with Macy’s has been amazing.  I’ve ordered multiple times and had items shipped to my house, and the time it takes for me to click order and then have the package arrive at my door is amazing.  Less than 2 days in my experience, which is much faster than the time it would take me to plan a trip to go to the mall.  Not to mention, finding what I need in stock.  These Black Friday deals from are deep discounts that hopefully will help you in your Christmas shopping this year!  But, don’t miss out.  Shop while products are still available!

Kohls Black Friday Starts Today

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Kohls Black Friday Deals

Kohls Black Friday
Gone are the days when Black Friday was only the day after Thanksgiving.  A few years ago, it began creeping into Thanksgiving Day.  Now, the term “Black Friday” can refer to almost any day from November 1 and beyond!  But especially this week, also called “Peak Week,” the specials are starting!  You can expect to find steep discounts at Kohl’s, with an average of 66% off according to WalletHub.  Plus, use promo code SAVEBIG15 to save an additional 15% off.  Today, Kohls Black Friday Deals start, and here are some of the highlights from the Kohls Black Friday Ad.

Kohls Deals Available Starting November 20

Luggage, vacuums, and personal care appliances

Plush Throws     $8.99

Slippers     $9.99

Under Armour    25-40% off

Tek Gear microfleece     $9.99

PJ sets     $9.99

Clothing items     $9.99

Contigo and Under Armour Water bottles $7.99 – $9.99

Kohls Doorbuster Deals

*Available Starting 12:01 AM (CT) on Thursday, November 24 online and in stores starting at 5 pm 

*These deals are available in limited quantities

Microsoft Xbox One S 500GB     $189.99 (reg $279)

Fitbit Charge 2 HR + Fitness ($30 Kohls Cash)     $99.99

Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR     $449 (reg $749)

Sony PS4 1 TB     $199 (reg $299)

PS4 or XBox Controller $39.99

Virtual Reality Headset $9.99

XBox set     $329

Step Up Kitchen     $59.99

Jewelry     70-75% off

Kitchenaid Mixer with $40 mail in rebate     $199 (reg $299)

Shark Navigator     $99


Check back early on Thanksgiving Day for the Doorbuster special links.  See our list of Black Friday Deals for the best deals!




Shop Smart Online This Christmas Season

tips to shop smart online

This is a post that someone needs to read; it may be you!  With online shopping surpassing in-store retail shopping this Christmas (source: Deloitte), more than likely, you are planning to shop online. Online Christmas shopping is wonderful and convenient (usually) and can save you time and money.  And at Mom’s Priority, we want to help make it easier for you!!  But, you need to know how to protect yourself and how to spot dishonest merchants and criminals.  As a fellow mom, I feel I need to make you aware of warning signs and help keep you all safe online!  Shop smart online this Christmas season with these tips.

12 Tips for Smart Shopping Online:

  • Shop through reputable companies

Who are your buying from?  Ensure websites are legit by googling them if they are not a large, well-known company.  See who they keep company with.  Just like we tell our kids, who they relate with says much about them!  While this isn’t 100% proof, this little bit of research may end up protecting your personal information.

  • Only enter your personal information, credit card number, or otherwise on secure websites

Recently, Google made the announcement that they are going to penalize websites that are not secure in Google search.  One way you can tell the “real” sites from the others is that green padlock and the “s” on https:// preceding their website name.  Always, always, only give your credit card info on sites that have that AND ALSO meet the other criteria listed here!  That green padlock says the site is secure and uses encryption so your credit card information cannot be easily stolen as data is transferred over the web.

  • Shop Online with a Credit Card

In order to shop smart online, using a credit card (vs a debit card) is a must.  If someone were to get your debit card information, they could wipe out your savings and you have little recourse.  Most credit cards have protections included in case your card is lost or stolen.  Remember, the credit card number, expiration date, and security code are just as good as having the card in most cases.  So, protect that information!  Credit cards are much safer for shopping online.  You can dispute unauthorized charges and let their fraud protection team investigate.  Debit cards are not good for online shopping.

  • Shop on Secure Internet Connections

Public wi-fi is not appropriate for buying online or checking your bank account.  You can SHOP all day long on public wi-fi, but don’t put your personal information in to buy until you are using a secure internet connection.

  • Beware of Phishing Scams

Never reply to emails requesting that you enter your credit card information on their site.  Instead, go directly to the site when in doubt.  This season already, reports indicate a scam where the sender claims to be Amazon.  The email says your order cannot be processed because your credit card information is incorrect.  They tell you to click on the link to take you to “Amazon’s site” and reenter your info so your order can be processed.  Do not go to their site that even looks like authentic Amazon!  Because, they are stealing your credit card info as you enter it for them.  Instead, go directly to Amazon’s site and look at your orders to verify their claim.

    • If it’s Sounds too Good to be True, it Probably Is!

  • Read the Fine Print

It’s not fun and takes the buzz away from shopping (haha!), but it is important that before you click “purchase” you read the fine print!  Know the policies of different retailers (which, you learn after shopping a couple of times!).  For example, Amazon orders can be returned at Kohl’s now.  Most online stores that also have brick and mortar stores allow you to return the items with no penalty at their physical store.  However, some returns incur restocking fees or shipping fees at your expense.  Know how long you have to make a return.  It’s your job to know what you are getting into when you make the purchase.

DaySpring Christmas Shop Launch

  • Privacy Concerns

Along the same lines, check out websites’ privacy policies in order to protect your personal information.  Websites should have an easy to find privacy policy (usually at the bottom of the website) that addresses how your information will be used.

  • Clear Your Cache/ Cookies Often

If you’re not familiar with these terms, basically, go to Internet Options, then Clear Browsing History frequently.  What merchants do is store your info and preferences to keep page load time down and get to know you in a sense.  Pages are tailored with you in mind.  While that is generally not a problem, it is beneficial for you to clear it on occasion.

  • Keep Your Computer/Phone Software Up to Date

New viruses and malware come out every day.  The only way to protect yourself and your machines is to keep the software up to date.  You need firewall, anti-virus, and anti-spyware software installed and running.  When they update, you need to update if it’s not done automatically behind the scenes to make sure you are protected.  Run virus scans regularly and make sure you install the latest updates.

Black Friday One Day Sale! Up to 60% off. Shop now at! Valid 11/8-11/10

  • Delivery

Keep an eye on packages arriving to your door.  At Christmastime, there is an increased risk of theft anyways.  This also includes delivered packages.

  • Proof of Purchase

You can either print a receipt or make sure you received the email that tells what was purchased and when delivery is expected.  That way, if you have any discrepancies or need to return, you have documentation.

Shopping online is convenient and quick, as long as you’re dealing with honest merchants and secure websites.  You can save a ton of money by shopping online this Christmas, and Mom’s Priority has a variety of ways to help you do that.  Please stay vigilant as you shop online to protect your identity this season, and if you have any questions, please email me at  Happy shopping!!

Mom’s Priority Wants to Help You Save Money and Time This Christmas Season!  Here are some of our most popular links:

Black Friday Deals

Mom’s Priority Online Store

Shop Online for Groceries- Best Prices

Hilton Americas Flash Sale Now Through November 10

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Book Now for Winter Travel

If you are booking travel for the winter months, now is a great time to make a Hilton reservation.  The Hilton Americas flash sale runs from November 1-10.  Hilton Weekender Sale, Up to 15% off 14 hotel brands at Book Now!

Hilton Americas

Included in this sale are Hilton brands like Embassy Suites, Hampton Inn, Doubletree, Homewood Suites, and more.  By booking online, you will receive 15% off hotel stays!

Family Travel

As a family, we love to get away in the middle of winter and go to warmer destinations!  Great Hilton locations include Hawaii, San Diego, and Orlando!  Stay anytime between November 16, 2017 and April 1, 2018 to escape the winter cold!  If you are planning winter travel, don’t miss the Hilton Weekender Sale, Up to 15% off 14 hotel brands at Book Now!

Crazy 8 Buy One Get One for $.88

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Crazy 8 BOGO Sale Today Only

For Today only, Crazy 8 is offering THE ENTIRE STORE at Crazy 8 Buy One Get One for $.88!  In addition,  this deal includes FREE SHIPPING!

To get this web exclusive deal, click here:  Web Exclusive: BOGO 88c + Free Shipping at Crazy8 

Crazy 8 Buy One Get One Sale Today Only

Why Moms Love Crazy 8

Crazy 8 clothes are cute and designed with comfortable fabrics.  Kids love the comfort and style of these clothes; Moms love the low prices!  Kids grow so fast, so having clothes that just last a season is okay, although some last longer!   Crazy 8 is a great place to shop to keep kids dressed fashionable and coordinated, but not too cutesy or pricey!

The Crazy 8 Buy One Get One sale lasts today only, so use this time to stock up if you need upcoming outfits.  This is a web-exclusive deal that you won’t find in stores.  Shop the entire Crazy 8 online store here: Crazy 8

Crazy 8 Free Shipping and $8.88 Jeans

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 Crazy 8 Sale

Right now, Crazy 8 is offering  Up to 50% Off, $8.88 Jeans and $5 Tees at Crazy 8 PLUS FREE SHIPPING.  Crazy 8 clothes are cute and designed with comfortable fabrics.  Kids love the comfort and style of these clothes; Moms love the low prices!  Kids grow so fast, so having clothes that just last a season is okay, although some last longer!  This sale with Crazy 8 Free Shipping with code WEEKEND at Crazy 8 will only last until October 1 , so check out the deals while they are available!

Crazy 8 Free Shipping



Gymboree Up to 70% Off Sale

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Gymboree Up to 70% Off Sale on Kids’ Clothing

Stocking up for fall kids’ clothing is easy with online shopping and this sale:   Up to 70% Off at Gymboree !  Amazing outfits made with quality materials is what you will find at the Gymboree up to 70% off sale.  Also, a selection of holiday PJs like cute turkey PJs and Halloween are available.  Gymboree makes it easy for me to find clothes that coordinate well together for my kids.  You don’t find that at all stores.  I like to shop when they are having a great sale, and then stock up (but not too far in advance because it is hard to judge how quickly your kids will grow!  I know from experience!!).  Even coordinating outfits for multiple kids for a family picture is simple with this store, and affordable.

Gymboree up to 70% off sale

Gymboree Quality

One thing I’ve found with Gymboree, is the clothes last and can be resold via consignment or passed down when your kids have outgrown them.  You don’t find that with every clothing company.  The colors generally don’t fade and the traditional styles generally last.  If you’ve not tried out Gymboree, now is a perfect time! Up to 70% Off at Gymboree



10 Simple Ideas for a Girls Tween Bedroom Makeover

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From Little Girls Room… Girls Tween Bedroom

The years are flying by; it is hard to believe we are talking about a girls tween bedroom!  I remember decorating my 2 year old daughter’s bedroom several (ahem) years ago.  The new baby was on the way, and it was time for her to move up to a “big girl” room.  We needed to free up the crib for the new baby, and create a great baby room for our next child.  With just one child, more time MUST have been available because I thought of every detail of that room!  I poured through fabrics and options.  I took it upon myself to make the window treatment, a few pillows, the bed skirt, and put personalized touches throughout, while 8 months pregnant.  That room has lasted until now… but no more!  The comforters are beyond worn, and the colors just aren’t her style anymore. She is ready for an update, and I don’t blame her!

…To Tween Room

However, my ideas are starting to take a backseat as she enters the “tween” years!!  I’m sure, if you’re in this season with me, you can relate.  She has her own ideas of what a girls tween bedroom should look like, and while we agree on some, not all of my ideas pass her test!  Thankfully, I’ve found great resources to bridge the gap between us.  These girls room ideas are budget-friendly, and I am so thankful for that.  Decorating her new tween bedroom has truly been a fun project for us to do together, and I’m excited to share it with you today!

Psalm 51:10 Wood Wall Decor

Budget-Friendly Resources for Girls Tween Bedroom

Every idea is sparked by some inspiration, and for her room, Hobby Lobby gave her a good starting point.  That store is so full of inspiring ideas; I could get lost in there!   Here are 10 simple takeaways to help you:

Use popular colors for tweens:  we chose aqua, coral, and gray.  Purple, pink, and teal are also popular girls colors.

Find inspiration and go from there:  Lamp!

Hobby Lobby Coral Upright Lamp for Girls Tween Bedroom

Use inexpensive fabrics so you can have fun and change it easily down the road.

Buy square cork boards from Amazon and cover them with the fabric and tacky glue to make this design.

If you’re from the south and love monograms, this custom monogram is from   It came natural and we spray painted it white.  Not cheap but might be usable for many years to come.

Repaint an old desk with aqua chalk paint and replace the drawer pulls with fun knobs.

Saving Money Tip:  Hobby Lobby has tons of knobs to choose from.  Wait until they go on sale to purchase if you can.  

Find fun, coordinating accessories like this canvas bin, arrow, and Create in Me sign (a gift from her aunt and uncle) from Hobby Lobby.

Coral Arrow Wood Wall Decorcanvas coral polka dot bin hobby lobby

Find a fun desk chair (a must for a tween!).  The one linked to above is from Walmart, and we even got it on clearance!  Woo-hoo!  ( has TONS of desk chair options to choose from.  For more deals from Walmart, check out our deals page)

Use bed risers to create more under bed storage.  This frees up floor space and creates a space for off-season clothes, shoes, toys, and is HUGE in creating space in a girls tween bedroom.

Space- Saving Tip:  Use Bed Risers to Create More Under Bed Storage.  This frees up floor space and creates more space.

Like I mentioned previously, always check our page first to find the deals before making a purchase online or in store.  Many times, the sales cross over and you don’t want to miss out!   Hobby Lobby, for example, is infamous for their 40% and 50% off sales that vary from week to week.  It pays to check for the deals or a coupon.  You can find those here.  If you shop around, you can pull off a fun, custom girls tween bedroom without spending too much and have fun with your daughter in the process!




Current Money-Saving Deals

Looking for deals on kids’ clothes, end of season shoe sales, hotel deals, or toy clearance sales (Christmas presents…)??  Back to School season is in full swing and deals on clothes and end of season items abound!!  Find deals and put them away for Christmas or prepare for the school year.  We’ve compiled this list of money-saving deals for your convenience.

This page contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.  For more information, please see our Privacy Policy and Disclosure.

Family Travel

Hilton:  With over 4,700 hotels & resorts in 104 countries, Hilton offers accommodation from luxury to comfortable extended-stay suites & affordable focused-service hotels, across a portfolio of 13 world-class brands, including Hilton Hotels & Resorts.   


Hilton Hotels
Save up to 20% on your Labor Day travel & through Sept 30. Sale ends Friday, Book Now!
Get breakfast for 4 & premium Wi-Fi at over 1,800 Hilton, DoubleTree, Hampton, Hilton Garden Inn and more brands all over the Americas, Europe and Middle East Africa. Book our Family Fun Package!
Pay less & get more, when you are or become a HHonors member and book directly at Join & Book Now!
Save up to 20% at thousands of hotels worldwide, across 6 Hilton brands, when you book in advance. Plan Ahead & Book Now!
$50 daily credit per nights at Hilton Hotels & Resorts. Use your on-property credit for dining, shopping, relaxing, and more!
Get breakfast & premium Wi-Fi at hundreds of Hilton Hotels & Resorts. Book our Family Fun Package!
Save up to 50% on Sunday nights at participating hotels in the Hilton Portfolio in the Americas, including the Caribbean. Turn your weekends into mini vacations. Book Now!


Vera Bradley:  Beautiful gifts, bags, and accessories

Vera Bradley Designs, Inc.
Vera Bradley has joined forces with “Girl Starter,” a new reality-competition TV show, to give girls the tools, knowledge and confidence they need to start their own business. Tune in Fridays at 7 pm EDT on TLC. Click to learn more!
Shop Vera Bradley’s Back-to-School Collection!
Free Shipping on Backpacks at! Valid for a limited time only!

DaySpring:  beautiful, inspirational cards and gifts

Take $20 off any $40 purchase and get FREE SHIPPING in DaySprings Secret Sale.
Check out DaySpring’s Sweet End-of-Summer Savings to find your favorite inspirational gifts up to 70% off.

Zazzle:  Adorable and unique gifts, invitations, stamps, iPhone cases, prints, T-shirts, home décor, and more! 

25% Off Billboard Store – Use code: ZBILLBOARD25 Starts: 8/1/2017 Expires: 8/31/2017 11:59 PM PST

15% Off Sitewide

Shop Back to School on Zazzle 

20% off all wedding supplies, gifts, decor & more at Beau-coup.


New Designer Price Breaks! 30-50% off Select Shoe Styles. Shop now at! Valid 8/27 through 9/2
Shop $99 & Under Styles from The North Face! Don’t Miss Out. Shop now at! Valid 8/27 through 9/2
LAST ACT – Up to 80% off Selected INC Styles. Shop now at! Valid 8/27 through 9/2
Choose your FREE 10-Day 3-Step Kit with any Clinique Foundation Purchase!
End of Season Clearance Sale at Sunglass Hut at! Valid 8/18-9/4.

End of Season Clearance Sale at Sunglass Hut at! Valid 8/18-9/4.

Gymboree: Clothes that last and kids love, on sale now!

Gymboree Sale On Now!

50% Off Dresses at Gymboree

GymDeals / 50% Off Mix-N-Match at Gymboree

Up to 50% Off + 40% Off Markdowns at Gymboree


Hanna Andersson Well-made clothes that last. 

Shop girls dresses from just $29 at the Hanna Andersson back-to-school stock up sale! Valid 8/14-9/4.
Stock up for back-to-school! Buy one, get one 50% off boys tops at Hanna Andersson.Valid 8/14-9/4.
Our softest Bright Baby Basics are buy one, get one 50% off at Hanna Andersson.Valid 8/14-9/4.

Janie and Jack: Heirloom quality clothes that you can pass down.  Trendy, stylish, and on sale!


Crazy 8: Fun clothes for fun kids!  Low prices!
Crazy 8 Sale On Now!

$12.99 and Under, $5 Tees, $10 leggings, 40% off Markdowns, $8 Knit Tees at Crazy8



Kohls Department Stores Inc
Buy Online, Pick Up In Store. Order by 5pm local time for items available in your selected store pickup location and receive it the same day with no shipping charges!
15% off Select Baby Jogger Travel Systems & City Tour Strollers


Toys, Online Grocery, and Home Items

Walmart: USA, LLC

Sam’s Club

Sam's Club Membership Offer
Shop Tempur-Pedic during the Labor Day Mattress Sale at Sam’s Club! Save up to $400 on select models AND get a $300 e-gift card with any purchase of a Tempur-Pedic mattress or mattress set AND free white-glove delivery!


Lego Online

Our kids LOVE Legos, and as parents, WE LOVE the way Legos spark the creativity and imagination in our kids, proving early on that if they can envision it, it can become reality!  The official Lego shop has a plethora of ideas for making dreams become reality in the world of toys.

Bring the magical world of Disney to your home with The Disney Castle!
Free shipping now on orders over $35 EVERY DAY!
LEGO® Juniors: Introduce your child to the world of building.
Visit the World’s Biggest LEGO Shop!
Save up to 30%. See what’s on sale!

The Land of Nod


Land Of Nod: Design for Kids and People That Used to be Kids

Create a Land of Nod Baby Registry
Get up to 80% off at the Nods and End Outlet



Florida Beach Hilton Flash Sale for September Getaways

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Before We Say Goodbye to Summer…

Wish you could make a few more summer memories before saying goodbye to this season?  That’s how we felt a few weeks ago, so we took a last minute trip to the beach!  We stayed 3 nights and had the best time!!  You can also and save money with this Florida Beach Hilton Flash Sale, but you need to reserve your stay by this Friday!


Florida Beach Memories

Hilton Hotels is offering 20% off if you book this week only for stays in September!  This Hilton Flash Sale is a great opportunity to take a trip, explore a new place, and make memories! Save up to 20% on your Labor Day travel & through Sept 30. Sale ends Friday, Book Now!  If you’ve been on the fence about planning travel, this is your chance to save.


Hilton Hotels


September in Florida is Amazing

September is the arguably the best time of the year to travel to Florida beaches. The weather is still warm; the traffic is way down; and the snow birds haven’t come south yet!  We just returned from a trip to the Gulf Coast in late July, and it was fairly hot, crowded, and not on sale!!   Still, we had an amazing time making memories and we used our Hilton Honors points (sign up to become a Hilton Honors member and you could stay for free soon too!)  September is much more ideal than the brutally hot days in July and August, if your schedule allows it.  Panama City Beach is a great place to make memories!  Honestly, any gulf coast Florida Beach is our favorite summer vacation spot, and we have taken many trips down to the gulf.

Florida Beaches Hilton Flash Sale

Hampton Inn and Suites Panama City Beach

Our most recent trip was to the brand new Hampton Inn and Suites Panama City.  The perk to this hotel, besides being directly on the beach and brand new, was its proximity to Pier Park and the international airport nearby.  The traffic on the “strip” in Panama City Beach is awful, so staying at this hotel within walking distance to the Pier as well as Pier Park restaurants and shopping, was key. Panama City Beach isn’t our typical beach destination in Florida, but we wanted things to do besides the beach and this was the best!  We went to Shipwreck Island Water Park, putt-putt, go-carts, ate tons of good seafood, hunted crabs, as well as enjoyed the beach and pool!  Amazing end of summer family memories!!  Truly, Panama City Beach has some of the most beautiful beaches, but it can get crowded.  You can’t beat the restaurant and entertainment options though!  Overall, we were impressed with the Hampton Inn and Suites’ location and cleanliness!  If you are traveling by air to Florida beaches, this would be a perfect spot.  No car required.

Hilton Flash Sale Ends Friday

Before long, the days will get shorter and the temps cooler.  The Florida gulf coast cools off into October typically; the weather is still beautiful, just maybe not beach hot.  Don’t miss this Florida Beach Hilton Flash sale:  Save up to 20% on your Labor Day travel & through Sept 30. Sale ends Friday, Book Now!  This sale is good for Hilton hotels around the world, not just Florida, so take advantage of this deal this week!!

Of course, if you want to go further south, tons of warm options still exist, like Orlando and Disney World. Read on here to find out how to save at Disney World.   

I am a native Floridian and beach connoisseur, so send me your family beach travel questions to   🙂