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Tailgating and Game Day: Are you Ready?!

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By ready, I mean, do you have a game day shirt, at the least?  I’m going to help you find some affordable and adorable options for tailgating and game day before selection is slim.  Football season will be here in less than a week!!

Our kids are growing up, so no longer can I dress them in cheer uniforms and team-themed cute outfits.  If you can, you are lucky!!  Enjoy it!!  Now, a school T-shirt is what I get, and I’ll take it!  For me and my husband, a dress or solid color shirt is best.  We stay so busy in the fall that a few game days a football season is good for us.  And by games, I’m talking about college football!  There’s nothing like a football Saturday in Athens for me.  The best.  This page may bleed red and black, but these same products are available for many collegiate teams.  Just click the pictures to see more options.

Game Day Gear for Tween Girls

Amazon has some adorable, trendy options like this one:

Game Day Gear for Young Girls and Boys

This dress would be pretty monogrammed.  This boys’ polo is so handsome!

game day dressgame day polo

Game Day Gear for Baby

Adorable options for babies abound, but here are a few:

game day onesie game day rookie onesie

This is just the kids’ clothes for game day!  Then, you think to what you wear, what food you bring to the tailgate,  plus chairs, games, and more!  Don’t forget your clear stadium bag!  Here are a few stylish options:

Clear Stadium Bag

            Etsy Clear Stadium Bag        etsy clear stadium bag with monogram     


So many plans to make!!  Are you excited yet for football season?!  I hope these kids’ game day clothes ideas and clear stadium bags help you get ready for amazing memories ahead!!  To keep up with deals on kids’ clothing, be sure to check Mom’s Priority Deals.

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Clinique Bonus at Macys

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Clinique Bonus at Macy’s is NOW ~ Don’t Miss it!

Heads up, now is a great time to stock up on your makeup as it’s time for Clinique Bonus at Macys! This is the easiest way to buy your makeup! You don’t even have to find time to go shopping. Spend just $28 and the bonus gift is automatically added to your bag. If you wear Clinique, it is so simple to order online with free shipping and have your makeup delivered to your door! It doesn’t get much simpler! Or faster!
Clinique Choose your FREE 7pc Gift with $28 Clinique Purchase! +GET MORE! (Total Gift Value Over $135!) Created for Macy’s.


Clinique Products

Clinique products have been good to my skin for many years, back to the teenage years when my skin needed lots of help! I think many in my generation grew up on Clinique, as our moms used Estee Lauder! I am thankful for the ability to easily purchase my Clinique makeup without making a trip to the mall. Ordering through macys.com is so simple, and your makeup typically arrives at your door within 2 days. If you order other products in other departments, you get free shipping WITH any beauty purchase!

This bonus only runs through April 15, so make sure you order your makeup today!  Choose your FREE 7pc Gift with $28 Clinique Purchase! +GET MORE! (Total Gift Value Over $135!) Created for Macy’s.


Spring Deals Available Now!

Spring Refresh:  Clothing

We see the signs of spring, and I don’t know about you but I’ve been on the hunt for warm weather clothing!  My kids have outgrown everything from last year, and we all need to refresh our style for Spring a tad.  🙂  Fortunately, I have had success at Crazy 8, Target, and Macy’sGymboree also has good spring deals available now, and if you order by March 21, it will be delivered by Easter!   We do not need another dress, because my daughter has plenty from her cotillion classes this year, but if you do, look at Gymboree.  Their prices are reasonable, and they offer Free Shipping at Gymboree (through 3/18) and delivery for Easter!  I’ve included many deals on the Deals page.  Check it out here:  momspriority.com/deals.

Shop Consignment Stores for Spring Deals

Looking ahead to Easter egg hunts, Easter Sunday, end of the year celebrations, and early summer travel, now is the perfect time to find spring deals on spring dresses and clothing.  Also, don’t forget consignment stores!  You can find barely worn dresses and clothes at a fraction of the cost!  See my post about consignment here.  Consignment offer spring clothes for much, much less than buying new.

spring deals

Top 10 Kids Halloween Costumes 2017

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Top Kids Halloween CostumesThis Halloween, dress your kids to their hearts’ content with adorable, affordable kids Halloween costumes!  If you need some ideas, look no further!  Here is the National Retail Federation’s Top 10 list for kids this year.  This list seems to focus on the big trends and movies for this year, like Beauty and the Beast and Wonder Woman, but also reveals that classic Halloween costumes like ghosts and witches just don’t go out of style.  You still have time to order online and have your kid’s costume delivered by Halloween!  Find affordable options at Kohl’s, Amazon, and Walmart, to name a few.


Top 10 Kids Halloween Costumes

According to the National Retail Federation, these costumes are expected to be the top 10 kids costumes this Halloween!  This is only the second year that a superhero costume topped a princess costume!   


How adorable is this Captain America costume!

Tie:  Batman Character / Princess

For the second year, Action Hero costumes beat out Princess costumes, but don’t you think this Moana costume would be precious on a girl?

Batman Kids Halloween Costume

Animal (Cat, Dog, Lion, Monkey, etc.) 

The options are limitless with animal costumes.  With so much available online now, you can actually ask your child what they want to be and have a good chance at finding it online!  This sweet raccoon costume is perfect!

Raccoon Kids Halloween Costume


Spider Man Kids Halloween Costume


Star Wars Character 

Kids love their Star Wars, like this Storm Trooper costume!

Star Wars Storm Trooper Kids Halloween Costume



A witch costume is a classic pick.


Tie:  Pirate/Marvel Superhero (excl. Spiderman)

Aarrgh…this would be a cute costume for a girl or boy.

Disney Princess

Beauty and the Beast costume


This toddler ghost costume is too sweet.


Wonder Woman

Last but not least on this year’s list is a wonder woman Halloween costume.

For more ideas and to shop by size, brand, etc, click on these links to take you to these sites!  If you’re not wanting to shell out $20-$40 for a costume, check out consignment stores!  These stores specialized in gently used items and are great sources for costumes and other barely worn items.

Kids Halloween Costumes at Kohls

Kids Halloween Costumes at Kohls

Walmart Kids Halloween Costumes

Walmart Kids Halloween Costume

10 Simple Ideas for a Girls Tween Bedroom Makeover

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From Little Girls Room… Girls Tween Bedroom

The years are flying by; it is hard to believe we are talking about a girls tween bedroom!  I remember decorating my 2 year old daughter’s bedroom several (ahem) years ago.  The new baby was on the way, and it was time for her to move up to a “big girl” room.  We needed to free up the crib for the new baby, and create a great baby room for our next child.  With just one child, more time MUST have been available because I thought of every detail of that room!  I poured through fabrics and options.  I took it upon myself to make the window treatment, a few pillows, the bed skirt, and put personalized touches throughout, while 8 months pregnant.  That room has lasted until now… but no more!  The comforters are beyond worn, and the colors just aren’t her style anymore. She is ready for an update, and I don’t blame her!

…To Tween Room

However, my ideas are starting to take a backseat as she enters the “tween” years!!  I’m sure, if you’re in this season with me, you can relate.  She has her own ideas of what a girls tween bedroom should look like, and while we agree on some, not all of my ideas pass her test!  Thankfully, I’ve found great resources to bridge the gap between us.  These girls room ideas are budget-friendly, and I am so thankful for that.  Decorating her new tween bedroom has truly been a fun project for us to do together, and I’m excited to share it with you today!

Psalm 51:10 Wood Wall Decor

Budget-Friendly Resources for Girls Tween Bedroom

Every idea is sparked by some inspiration, and for her room, Hobby Lobby gave her a good starting point.  That store is so full of inspiring ideas; I could get lost in there!   Here are 10 simple takeaways to help you:

Use popular colors for tweens:  we chose aqua, coral, and gray.  Purple, pink, and teal are also popular girls colors.

Find inspiration and go from there:  Lamp!

Hobby Lobby Coral Upright Lamp for Girls Tween Bedroom

Use inexpensive fabrics so you can have fun and change it easily down the road.

Buy square cork boards from Amazon and cover them with the fabric and tacky glue to make this design.

If you’re from the south and love monograms, this custom monogram is from Build-a-cross.com.   It came natural and we spray painted it white.  Not cheap but might be usable for many years to come.

Repaint an old desk with aqua chalk paint and replace the drawer pulls with fun knobs.

Saving Money Tip:  Hobby Lobby has tons of knobs to choose from.  Wait until they go on sale to purchase if you can.  

Find fun, coordinating accessories like this canvas bin, arrow, and Create in Me sign (a gift from her aunt and uncle) from Hobby Lobby.

Coral Arrow Wood Wall Decorcanvas coral polka dot bin hobby lobby

Find a fun desk chair (a must for a tween!).  The one linked to above is from Walmart, and we even got it on clearance!  Woo-hoo!  (Walmart.com has TONS of desk chair options to choose from.  For more deals from Walmart, check out our deals page)

Use bed risers to create more under bed storage.  This frees up floor space and creates a space for off-season clothes, shoes, toys, and is HUGE in creating space in a girls tween bedroom.

Space- Saving Tip:  Use Bed Risers to Create More Under Bed Storage.  This frees up floor space and creates more space.

Like I mentioned previously, always check our page first to find the deals before making a purchase online or in store.  Many times, the sales cross over and you don’t want to miss out!   Hobby Lobby, for example, is infamous for their 40% and 50% off sales that vary from week to week.  It pays to check for the deals or a coupon.  You can find those here.  If you shop around, you can pull off a fun, custom girls tween bedroom without spending too much and have fun with your daughter in the process!




Playroom Storage

Before we organized the playroom, toys didn’t have a “place” and the room was overwhelming, honestly.  But, once we came up with a plan and executed it, we have enjoyed years of good use of the space.  The fun and memories made in the playroom are many, from movie nights to sleep overs to craft projects, and everything in between.  If your playroom is overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be.  Read on to see how we created playroom storage.

Shop for Playroom Storage

Here are the items used in this room:

Canvas buckets

Melissa and Doug wooden toys like the Melissa & Doug Wooden Take Along Tool Kit (24pc)

Land Of Nod: Design for Kids and People That Used to be Kids
Chalkboard labels are key to keeping everything organized!

Galvanized buckets (with chalkboard sticker labels)

Candy jars –Ikea

Metal storage caddy and buckets

Easy DIY Chalkboard Wall

Playroom Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard wall –Chalkboard paint can be bought from your home supply store or from Amazon and will work on multiple projects, like making a chalkboard wall, chalkboard table top, chalkboard labels, or herb pots painted with chalkboard paint for labeling. We outlined a square on the playroom wall and then painted 3 coats of chalkboard paint. After all is dry, add a border. We used contrasting leftover paint from the playroom paint project.

Corkboard to display arts and crafts

Hanging clothesline to hang artwork on the wall- Simply take fishing line and tie it between two hooks. Have your children decorate a few clothespins and then hang their artwork!

Additionally, you can display their special artwork in frames.


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Organized Mom ~ Best Apps for Moms

Nobody has it all together, all the time, or if you’re like me, even most of the time!  These apps do help though.  Get organized mom!!  Here are the best apps for moms.  From organizing your spend, lists, errands, calendar, team sport, and more, these apps are amazing help!  I cannot recommend them enough so you can live your priorities.

Best Apps for the Organized Mom

  • AnyList makes grocery list making and shopping simple and easy to share with other family members!  Simply start typing the grocery item, and it fills in the rest, sorting the items by type.  When you add the item to your cart, simply tap the item name and it will cross it out.  The basic app is free, however, you can purchase a premium subscription and have more options.  With premium, Any List can be used with major recipe sites like Allrecipes, saving the recipe and automatically adding the ingredients to your shopping list!  This is a great app that is making my life easier!
  • Errands is a task manager that reminds you of the commitments you make and helps keep you organized.  I have used this app for several years now and it is super simple- just add a reminder like “call the vet”, set a due date (and time, if you need that), and a reminder will pop up on your screen, based on the settings you set.  Streamlined, simple, but very valuable.  If I’m in a conversation with someone and I say I’ll do something, it’s simple to add a reminder into this app.   It’s important for me to keep my commitments, and with so many distractions, I can easily forget by the time I get back to my desk or a notepad.  This app is so helpful for that!!
  • Cozi is a popular app that helps families stay organized… READ MORE HERE

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Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation Week May 1-5

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up the first week in May!  This always sneaks up but we can’t forget the amazing teachers!  At our schools, oftentimes the whole class will go into together and give the teacher small gifts for every day.  A few examples of small gifts each day would be

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas  teacher gifts striped tote

  • Fresh flowers from your yard, in a mason jar that says “thank you for helping us bloom!”
  • Apples for the teacher!
  • A beach bag filled with simple summer items like chapstick, a magazine, lemonade mix, flip flops.  Different children bring in the various items and fill the bag.
  • A simple card signed by the class

Gifts for teachers vary from simple to elaborate homemade to simply purchased, but the most important thing is letting teachers know they are appreciated.  Check out Mom’s Priority’s Pinterest board for a variety of ideas, and thank those teachers!!
teacher gift monogrammed sun hat
For the purchased route, gift cards are always appreciated, and Amazon gift cards are good for most anything!

For the semi-homemade route, go to Tagxedo and make a word cloud with your teacher’s name, the grade and any other words that fit your theme.  Put it in a simple frame and hang with ribbon!

Our teachers pour so much into our children all year long, and it is a gift to be able to show them how much we appreciate all they do!

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

6 Good Mother’s Day Gifts

mother's day gift ideas

6 Good Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 14, and everyone is looking for good mother’s day gift ideas, including myself!  As a mom, I can share what I think a good mother’s day gift would be and hopefully give you a few ideas:

  1. For a mom who is in the thick of motherhood, between messy diapers and friend issues at school, an amazing gift would be a gift card to the spa or a day of relaxation!  Gifted with a heartfelt card and a plush robe, this is an amazing mother’s day gift!

    Mother's Day Card

    Mother’s Day Card

  2. For a mom of a capable teenager or for a grandmother, a photo book of recent memories would be so special.  Read about books I have made for others to get ideas here.

3.   For any mom or woman, a cute bag or beach tote would be put to good use! MyPublisher, Inc.

4.   Jewelry is always a good purchase, and a specially engraved charm or bracelet for example is very meaningful.

5.   A card with a handwritten note never goes out of style.  Our online store has a bunch to choose from.

6.   Homemade art from a child, especially if it has their handprints, will be cherished for years to come!  Check out Mom’s Priority’s Pinterest page for lots of ideas!

Share the Love this Mother’s Day

Moms, from new moms to great grandmothers, more than anything want to know they’ve raised, or married, thoughtful and kind human beings who think of others.  Just this simple act of thinking it through, buying the card or gift, and arranging the time to give it, means so much.  As I get older, I am realizing the importance of this!  It is never too late to show those who love you the most, how much they mean to you!  I hope these good mother’s day gifts will inspire you to share love with those who need it.


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Adorable Easter Outfits

Janie and Jack Easter Clothes

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 Now is the perfect time to get your Easter outfits for kids! Easter is April 16, a little less than a month away.  Shop our online store which includes a wide variety of Janie and Jack Easter clothes, and be sure to check out our deals page to see what offers may apply.

Adorable Memories

Spend a little more on the picture-perfect outfit for Easter!  The moments will pass quickly, but you will have these photographs forever.  With spring flowers in bloom, and adorable Janie and Jack Easter clothes like these, you are sure to capture a precious moment.  Hunting Easter eggs or enjoying Easter brunch, these outfits fit the bill!  Enjoy the moment!  Read the rest HERE.

Janie and Jack Easter outfit

Janie and Jack

Janie and Jack Easter Outfit

  • Vera Bradley Designs, Inc.