Father’s Day Love

Father’s Day is June 19, and it is the perfect time for wives and kids to express your love and appreciation to the one who leads by loving.  I read recently that the definition of “leading” is “loving,”  meaning that you love so much that you are willing to serve and do the hard things for those you care about.  A true leader loves his or her people, whether in business or at home.  In our family, we have been incredibly blessed with an amazing father and two amazing grandfathers who lead by loving.  Sometimes that love expresses itself through discipline, and other times through playing rough or being silly with the kids.  Sometimes it’s by working incredibly hard, or doing the hard things so that we are all better off.  Father’s Day is a time to let dads know that we notice, even though they may not realize all that they do.  We want the dads in our life to know how much they are appreciated, so we’ve put together an idea page for Father’s Day gifts.  These are fun gift ideas for dads to relax and enjoy!   Mom’s Priority has also pinned a ton of ideas for homemade father’s day gifts to make with kids.

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