Mom’s Priority Saving Money Tip: Lock in your Natural Gas Rate

Lock in your natural gas rate with a 6 or 12 month fixed rate.  When you don’t, you subject yourself to the variable rate, which is often double the rate you could be receiving.  Currently, in 2015, expect to find rates as low as $.46 per therm.  If you are in a de-regulated market, such as Georgia, you have multiple gas marketers to choose from, with varying rates and programs.  These should be listed on a government-sponsored site from the local Public Service Commission.  For rates in Georgia, check here.   If you are under contract with a marketer, you may have a penalty to switch, and you would need to evaluate your options.  In states that are not de-regulated, you should go to the utility’s website to see rate options and decide if you are better off with a fixed or variable rate plan.

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